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Sixty Awesome Episodes.  One Awesome Show.  Yo!

Join us on a rip roaring ride through the greatest television show ever made.

LA actor Miles Allen  smacks the senses with his super-charged,  hilariously accurate renditions of all the iconic characters, including Walter White, Jesse, Saul, Skyler, Hank, Walt Junior, Mike and Gus Fring.

With over a million hits on YouTube, and sell-out runs at comedy festivals in Melbourne and Edinburgh, Allen’s incredible impersonations break all six seasons down into one, exhilarating, uproarious  tour-de-force performance. 



★★★★★ ‘Miles Allen is a supreme entertainer ... he nail impressions of pretty much every character in the series ... a high-tempo, laugh out loud, beautifully executed homage to one of the best TV shows of our generation.”  WHAT’S ON STAGE

‘Miles Allen’s high-energy, warp-speed romp through all five seasons is bringing the house down every night.’ THE GUARDIAN

★★★★ ‘Hilarious ... non-stop energy and enthusiasm ...  a must-see  for Breaking Bad fans.’ THE SKINNY



‘One Man 'Breaking Bad' kills on stage!   Extremely enjoyable ... a huge hit.’  DAILY BEAST

★★★★ ‘It’s high energy, funny, manic and definitely one for the fans. Miles Allen is bitchin!’  EDINBURGH REPORTER