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Welcome to Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming. We are an independent tour booking agency with over twenty five years industry experience, a passion for live entertainment and a growing portfolio of clients. Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming can offer venues a diverse and strong range of productions to fit within their season's schedule.
Working alongside and strictly on hehalf of the producer, we ensure the best best possible tours and platform for any production; from comedy or music to drama and shows for younger people. We are immensely proud of the reputation that we have with all the UK theatres.

current productions


An Evening Without Kate Bush

Fascinating Aida

Stewart Lee: Basic Lee

Pop Divas Live

Nina Kristofferson - " The Billie Holiday Story" or "Timeless"

Beats On Pointe

Awake My Soul - The Mumford & Sons Story

Six Chick Flicks

Charlie Cook's favourite Book

Two Turtle Doves

Fireman Sam Live

Milkshake Live

Jackie Fabulous

Nashville Bad Boys Of Country

Rude Science

Hail Hail Rock & Roll

Indie Explosion

Kyiv City Ballet

Flabbergast Theatre

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